Module 8 – Skills of leadership

This interactive online classroom is aimed at Section Leaders in Scouting. It aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills to define what leadership is, plan systematically, lead effectively

Module 7 – Scouting For All

This online workshop will help give an introduction and practical advice about how to make Scouts more inclusive. Bookings close on 15th April

Skills of Management (2 days)

Cranham Scout Centre Cranham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

This skills course aims to provide Managers and Supporters with the skills they need in order to carry out their role effectively and support others in doing the same. You

Achieving Growth (1 day)

Exeter District Scouts - Little Silver, Activity & Training Centre Little Silver, Ashton Road, Marsh Barton, Devon

By the end of the course, participants will be able to produce and implement an effective development plan to identify and promote growth in local Scouting. You can find out