Core training (Online workshops)

We know that Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of our volunteers. To support Scout volunteers, you are required to complete a training programme made up of mandatory, role specific and ongoing learning.

Here you can find a list of online workshops where you can complete your learning. Courses are often available for the following modules:

    • Module 5 (Fundamentals of Scouting)
    • Module 7 (Scouting for All)
    • Module 8 (Skills of leadership)
    • Module 9 (Working with adults)
    • Module 11 (Administration)
    • Module 12A (Delivering the quality programme)
    • Module 12B (Programme planning)
    • Module 13 (Growing the section)
    • Module 14 (Supporting young people)
    • Module 15 (Promoting positive behaviour)
    • Module 16 (Introduction to residential experiences)
    • Module 17 (Running safe activities
    • Module 19 (International)

Each event is managed and run by different counties and will require you to book your free place using the County’s own booking pages. They will also send you joining instructions and further details.

Below you can see a list of events.

If you have any questions about the training offered by The Scout Association, please contact your Training Advisor or Local Training Manager.