Course attendance costs cancellation

Course costs

Facilitating Manager and Supporter Training courses incur costs to the hosting County. However, like all training, it is preferred that it is delivered free at point of delivery to volunteers in Scouting.

To cover costs, invoices are sent to County Executives for payments for a proportion of the total cost which will include (but is not limited to):

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Training resources & materials
  • Travel expenses for training teams

The invoices generated are based on the total cost to deliver the course divided by the total number of participants booked to attend.

In order to encourage participants to book, then attend, there is a Cancellation Policy which will ensure that the hosting County is not left out of pocket where participants do not attend.

Cancellation policy – Gloucestershire Scouts

We know that there are circumstances which mean that you may not be able to attend.

If you are unable to attend, it is vital that you cancel your space as soon as you know. This means it is possible to offer the space to someone else who may benefit, and it is possible to reduce any unnecessary spend by the hosting County.

If you have to cancel your place, and give the organisers…

  • …less than 14 days notice – 50% of fee will be invoiced to your County
  • …less than 7 days notice – 80% of fee will be invoiced to your County
  • …less than 72 hours notice – full fee will be invoiced to your County

Failure to attend – full fee will be invoiced to your County and CTM will be notified.

If the course is cancelled by Gloucestershire Scouts, no invoices will be sent to Counties.